To the Parents/Guardians of Students in the RHS Class of 2022,

We are very excited to be sending out our first official email communication regarding the Senior Class Party 2022! 

For those that may not know, the Senior Party has been a long standing tradition for seniors to come together one last time for an all-night senior lock in party.  Our goal this year is to put together a safe, fun, memorable senior party, in a controlled environment that our soon-to-be graduates will remember and enjoy before they go their separate ways. These kids deserve it!!

SAVE THE DATE:The Senior Party is scheduled on June 4th, 2022. The party will begin immediately when the kids get off the bus from the graduation ceremony (about 10:00pm) and ends at 5am the following morning. This will be a Lock-In, once they’re checked into the party, they won’t be able to leave until it’s over. At this time we are planning to have it at the high school which we are very excited about!