Senior Posters

Dear 2022 Seniors and Senior Parents,
We are asking each graduate’s family to create a poster to celebrate your senior’s high
school memories and achievements. One poster per graduate will be displayed at be displayed at the Rosemount High School senior class party “Wall of Fame” on Saturday, June 4th. The posters should be created using the following criteria:

● Posters should be 22-23” X 28-29” and oriented portrait rather than landscape.
● All posters MUST be laminated with a senior’s name/phone number printed on back.
● Posters are due NO LATER than May 30 and have to be delivered to RHS
Poster Committee members. Dates and locations of poster drop off can be found at the links below.
● Posters can be homemade or digitally created at a photo/print shop.
Vendors providing digital posters are listed on the website.

*Due date May 22nd-May 31st. See flyers above for more information*