Senior Posters


The Senior Poster Showcase is a fun graduation tradition at RHS. We would like every student to have a poster displayed in the Showcase. The Showcase will be at Rosemount High School on June 4. *The viewing time to be determined at a later date. Start gathering those new and old photos and decide what you want on the poster. Ask your Senior what photos they want included.


*Use standard poster size (22”x28” or 23”x29”). Portrait orientation is preferred.
*Include the senior’s name as part of the decoration on the front of the poster.
*Put the senior’s name and phone number on the back of the poster.
*All the posters need to be laminated, so no 3D objects or embellishments. All decorations need to be contained within the edges of the poster (no overhang)
*Create a theme, color scheme or use Irish Colors; include quotes or song lyrics..the sky is the limit!
*Include pictures of sports, interests, travels, activities, family and friends.

There are TWO ways to make a poster…HANDMADE or DIGITAL


*Cornerstone Copy Center will provide a FREE 23”x29” premium weight poster board to any and all students/parents who elect to make a handmade poster. Check out for locations and hours. They will laminate for $12/each.
*Use as many photos as you and your senior want – there is no correct number *Consider making copies of the photos because once they are laminated they can’t be removed.
*Scrapbooking supplies, die cut letters and shapes can be used. (Dollar Store and Craft stores have IRISH themed items out now for St. Patrick’s Day.)
*Google “Senior Posters” to get some inspiration and ideas – and most importantly… have fun and be creative.

IMPORTANT: Click on the link below, scroll to bottom, and click on the Rosemount Poster Guide:


Graduation Posters:


*Now it’s easier than ever to create a poster on Cornerstone’s website.  Here you will find lots of free, professionally-designed templates.  Many include your school colors and school logo, or you can create your own design. 
*The cost is $48 (tax not included).
*Go to to create your digital poster.

IMPORTANT:  See attachments below for specific important info & ideas.

*Once you have completed designing the poster the vendor will print and laminate the poster. *You may opt for your poster to be held at CORNERSTONE and a committee member will pick them up on May 28, 2021. If you wish to do this, you must have your order to Cornerstone by MAY 26, 2021. If you choose not to do this…. Posters need to be turned in to a Senior Party Committee Member on one of the following dates and locations:  
May 21, May 23, May 26, or May 27 between the hours of 5PM -8PM.

Kay DeKruif – 14000 Dallas Av, Rosemount
Mary Owens – 13490 Dahlia Court, Rosemount
Heidi Green – 3324 Couchtown Path, Rosemount
Sara Jahn – 13808 Crosscroft Place, Rosemount

Questions – Feel free to reach out to Kay at or Mary at


Creating a Senior Poster for the Wall of Fame at Rosemount High School is a fun tradition. If this is your first child to graduate from RHS, you may have some questions. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as contact emails and a link to our website for even more information.

Q: Do we have to make a poster?
A: You are not required to make a poster, but it is really fun to see your child’s poster displayed in the Wall of Fame at RHS.

Q: What if my child says they don’t want a poster?
A: Some students don’t know what the Wall of Fame is or that it is a fun tradition at RHS. They may regret not having one when they see all the other posters on display.

Q: Can my child still make a poster if they don’t attend the Senior Party?
A: Absolutely! They will just need to make special arrangements to pick up the poster. Most are being returned to the students the day of the party.

Q: What do I put the pictures on and what size?
A: Standard tagboard size. (22”x28” or 23”x29”). Portrait orientation is preferred. Tagboard can be purchased at the Dollar Store or other printing stores.

Q: How much does all this cost?
A: The only required cost is for the tagboard and the cost to laminate. Cornerstone Copy in Burnsville will laminate for $12 per board, but feel free to use any lamination service. If you want to make your board digitally, that will be an additional cost of approximately $45.

Q: I’m not crafty and don’t know how to do this?
A: The thing that is most important is to have fun looking through old photos and recalling fun memories. If you need ideas and inspiration, google “graduation poster ideas”. To make your own poster you really only need construction paper, stickers and some glue! Just remember…. This will not be graded and there will be no award for the best poster!

Q: What if I just don’t have time to print pictures and make a poster?
A: No problem! Go to, download your pictures, choose a pre -existing layout (or make your own layout), drag and drop your photos and you are done! They will print ($45) and laminate ($12).

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about how to make the posters?
A: Kay DeKruif –; or Mary Owens – Mary at

Q: Can my child make their own poster?
A: Yes. That is totally up to your family to decide!

Q: What do I do when my poster is finished:
A: Put your child’s name and phone number on the back of the poster, drop if off at one of the committee members homes on one of the designated days.* If you have your poster created or laminated at Cornerstone Copy, a committee will pick it up and bring to the school for display. (All payments need to be made to Cornerstone prior to pick up.)

*Posters need to be turned in to a Senior Party Committee Member on one of the following dates: May 21, May 23 May 26 or May 27 between the hours of 5PM -8PM.
Drop off at one of these locations:
Kay DeKruif – 14000 Dallas Av, Rosemount
Mary Owens – 13490 Dahlia Court, Rosemount
Heidi Green – 3324 Couchtown Path, Rosemount
Sara Jahn – 13808 Crosscroft Place, Rosemount

Sample Poster Layouts